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Expert training for Piper PA46 Airframe
Malibu, Mirage, Matrix, M350, Meridian, M600

Train like a pro, fly like a pro


Our training is designed to build your confidence and proficiency flying the PA46 airframe. During the training we will cover systems, operations, procedures, and handling characteristics in an organized, thorough and efficient manner. The program relies upon highly experienced and skilled instructors with years of experience flying PA46 airplanes (Malibu, Mirage, Matrix, M350, Meridian, and M600). When you complete our program you will be proficient in VFR and IFR conditions, able to handle normal, abnormal and emergency scenarios.

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Initial -$5,800
(up to 4 days)

The PA46 initial training designed for pilots transitioning into PA46 piston and turbine models (Matrix, Malibu, Mirage, M350, Meridian, M600). Just like the Pros, we use the Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) approach to build your confidence and proficiency to fly your PA46 aircraft.

Recurrent -$1,800
(up to 2 days)

The PA46 recurrent training is designed to refresh your knowledge about the airframe, systems, procedures and flying characteristics of your plane. You will continue to build proficiency flying your PA46 aircraft.

IPC – $800
(4-6 hours)

A good pilot trains often! The instrument proficiency check is designed to maintain and improve your proficiency flying in IMC conditions. Instead of flying ‘rapid fire’ approaches we continue to leverage the LOFT approach. Our recommendation is to complete IPC training every 6 months. Weather permitting, we’ll fly in IMC conditions.

Our beautiful Piper Malibu, 221PP

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Frici presents at 2022 MMOPA Convention. Topic: Flight Operations Quality Assurance Program (FOQA)