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your PA46 Expert flight instructor

My name is Frici, your pilot friend, CFII, Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI) and founder of Live Pilot Training. I live in the in Des Moines, IA with my beautiful family.

Growing up in Europe, I always dreamed about becoming a pilot.  It wasn’t until 2005 that my dream became reality and I earned my private pilot license (PPL). Shortly after, we purchased our first airplane (PA-32, Piper Cherokee Six) in which I earned my additional ratings (Instrument, Commercial, and later on Certified Flight Instructor).  About seven years ago, we purchased our beautiful PA-46, Piper Malibu (see photos below). 

I have extensive knowledge and experience in high power, complex single and multi engine airplanes (over 3,000 hours, of which approximately 1,800 hours are in PA46 piston.) 

Combining my passions of flying and teaching, I became a Certified Flight Instructor.  I am grateful for the opportunity to pass on my knowledge to you and to help you become a better and safer pilot.  I focus on the PA46 piston (Malibu, Matrix, Mirage, and M350) initial and recurrent training.

Please browse our site, check out our services and don’t hesitate to reach out to me via e-mail ( or text (614-787-8139). 

Train Like a Pro, Fly Like a Pro