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PA46 Training

Our training is personalized for your needs. For a quote and pricing of our of services, please contact Frici via e-mail: or phone/text: (614) 787-8139. Regardless which training option you select, we will use the Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) approach. This is the same training approach the commercial operators use.

LOFT or Line Oriented Flight Training, it is one of the last steps before a crew member is released for flight operations. You and your instructor will go through each phase of the flight, from weather briefing to shut down, just like a typical trip. LOFT training is NOT a rapid-fire series of approaches and missed approaches.
PA-46, Piper Malibu, Mirage, Matrix, M350, Meridian, and M600 Initial (4 days) and Recurrent Training (2 days): I may be biased, but the PA-46 (Piper Malibu) is one of the best single engine piston cross-country machines. Flying in the flight levels at 190 knots TAS in pressurized comfort, it doesn’t get much better. However, the plane is high power, complex (pressurization, full FIKI) airframe and requires quality training as you transition into your new aircraft.  Being an active member of the PMOPA (Piper M-Class Owner & Pilots Association) community and learning from the best of the best, I developed a comprehensive initial and reoccurring training.  CLICK HERE for the training syllabus.

IPC – “IFR Workout” Training (4-6 hours): If you are ready to take your instrument flying to the next level, I recommend this training. We will spend 1-2 hours on the ground, then we will go for a VFR flight to work on power and configuration settings for each phase of flight.  After a lunch break, we will put everything together (ground school and power/configuration settings) and go instrument flying. We will fly approximately 6 approaches, including holds and missed approaches. We will simulate real cross country instrument flying vs. approaches at your local airport. Just the like the pros, I highly recommend flying IPC every 6 months.  CLICK HERE for the training syllabus.