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Private Pilot

Welcome new private pilot students!

Next private pilot class: Starts on Monday, June 13th

Instructor led Private Pilot Ground School from the comfort of your home! – $595 best value for your hard earned dollars (includes lifetime access to Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course, $279 value). Classes are limited to 20 students. CLICK HERE for syllabus.

For several years I observed how student pilots gain knowledge, including preparing and passing their written exam. Several online schools develop their own training material, including study guides, videos, …etc.

Instead of spending time developing my own content, I developed a virtual classroom training leveraging best in class Sporty’s online course material. Leveraging the Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course and CFI portal, in 3 weeks I’ll prepare you to not only pass your private pilot written test, but become a better, safer pilot. Check out the below video on Sporty’s Learn to Fly 2022 edition.

How does it work?
– Once you sign up for Live Pilot Training private pilot course you will receive a code to Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course. This is Sporty’s platform and you can start using it immediately
– Frici, your advanced ground instructor (AGI) will invite you to the Sporty’s CFI portal to monitor and track your progress
– Class will meet virtually (via Google Meeting) Mon-Wed-Fri from 8.00 PM – 10.00 PM Central Time, sessions are recorded so if you miss a class you can watch it on your own time
– At the conclusion of the course you will receive your endorsement from Live Pilot Training to take your private pilot written exam. Alternatively you can complete the course, quizzes and exam in Sporty’s platform and receive your endorsement from Sporty’s.

What’s included:
– Lifetime access to Sporty’s Learn To Fly Course ($279 value); best platform available on your phone, iPad, web, and smart TV
– Buy it once and own it forever, with free updates (no membership, no annual fee)
– Dynamic in-flight videos
– Interactive written test prep (exam mode, flashcard mode)
– 32 HD fully-narrated maneuvers
18-20 hours of virtual training class leveraging Google Meet and facilitated by Frici, your Advanced Ground Instructor
– Sessions are recorded and available via the Member Portal
– One-on-One coaching session with your instructor if needed
– Small group discussions with fellow student pilots

Wish you the best of luck with your training. – Frici