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There are thousands of great video clips that helps you become a better pilot. I compiled a series of videos that will help you transition into the PA46 airframe.

PMOPA Videos: Piper M-Class Owner Pilot Association Safety Foundation developed a series of videos available to the public. Visit PMOPA Education Safety & Education Foundation website. CLICK HERE

Joe Casey Videos: Joe is one of the best in the industry focusing on PA46, TBM and King Air initial and recurrent training. Casey Aviation developed a series of PA46 videos available for the public. Visit Joe’s website. CLICK HERE

G1000 Videos: Garmin YouTube channel has several great video tutorial using the G1000 product suite.

G1000 Approaches – Garmin Webinar: CLICK HERE

G1000 Vectors To Final Procedure: CLICK HERE

G1000 VNAV Procedure: CLICK HERE

G1000 Published Hold: CLICK HERE

G1000 Manual Holding: CLICK HERE

G1000 Weather Radar – Garmin Webinar: CLICK HERE

G1000 – GFC700 Autopilot: CLICK HERE

G1000 Loading Approaches: CLICK HERE